Max-A-Form® Forming System

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Max-A-Form is a heavy-duty, all-steel, concrete forming system for columns, piers, walls, pier caps and many other heavy structures.  It is also used in applications as a self-spanning beam.
The Max-A-Form Forming System combines the labor-saving benefits of modular forming with the strength of an all-steel design. It is ideal for gang forming heavy structural walls and columns where repetition, multiple lifts, or when a smooth finish are required.  The structurally welded frame and steel face also can support concrete loads over long spans without the need for shoring equipment.  The Max-A-Form forming systems includes bullnose forms that can be combined to create circular columns.  Friction collars are available for circular column lifts.
  • 1500 psf allowable pressure
  • Over 100 standard panel sizes
  • 3/16" steel face provides an excellent concrete finish
  • High strength system reduces tie requirements
  • 3/4" Speed Bolts allow fast set-up
  • Panel rigidity virtually eliminates walers and strongbacks
Need more strength? Try the new: Max-A-Form STS - The Superior Tough System