Backbone™ (One-Sided Wall Forming)

Forming | Backbone System

Backbone™ Frame Option
This one-sided wall form support system is adaptable and allows concrete pressures up to 1250 psf.  The Backbone system has only 6 main components.
  • 1250 psf allowable pressure
  • When stacked, the system can support up to 29'6" of wall forms
  • Works with virtually any forming system
  • Multiple anchoring option
Versiform® Waler Option
The one-sided wall forming components are designed to fit up with 5" or 8" Versiform® walers used with most of Symons forming systems. However, some of the systems require the use of a 2x sill (1½") to allow for a positive connection of walers to formwork.
If the waler assembly and the forms are lifted separately, a waler connection (positive connection) is not necessary, and the sill can be eliminated. However, a sill may be used if desired.
Symons Soldier Beam Option
Symons standard form systems can be combined with Symons Soldiers to create tieless concrete forming schemes for one-sided wall forming. The ideal application for Symons Soldiers is creating a tieless forming scheme which offers substanial savings in time and labor costs.
A complete line of hardware and accessories, including One-Sided Brackets and Jack Brackets, simplifies plans for one-sided wall forming applications.
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