Sure Seal™ Traffic Deck Coating

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Sure Seal Traffic Deck Coating, powered by Unitex®, by Dayton Superior®. 
A blend of high strength epoxy/urethane polymers and specially blended aggregates combined to produce a long lasting, skid resistant and durable parking deck surface for owners worldwide.
Sure Seal Traffic Coating is designed to waterproof and resurface the entire parking deck horizontal substrate. Application suitability include the following: elevated interior and exposed decks, ramps, turning circles, pedestrian lanes and helixes. Sure Seal Traffic Deck Coating can also be used as a binder for producing a high strength epoxy mortar to repair concrete decks prior to an overlay installation. 
  • 100% solids epoxy/urethane system
  • Provides new wearing surface that prolongs deck life +5 to 15 years
  • System Warranty: Consult your Dayton Superior representative for details
  • Impervious to water and chlorides to protect concrete and rebar
  • 20+ years proven performance & traffic durability, with extensive use across the USA


• Improves new and existing concrete
• Extremely high compressive and bond strength
• Positively textured with the strongest aggregates
• Increases slip and abrasion resistance
• Renewable & sustainable
• Repair can be made using HD50 and overlay can be applied in 4 hrs
• Less downtime for installation - as little as a one-day turnaround
• 3-Part Guide Specification is available


• Moisture damage, corrosive chlorides and freeze-thaw protection
• Self-priming for quick application, open to traffic or recoat in 2.5 hours
• System includes curing compounds, silane based penetrating sealers, epoxy healer sealers and non-skid deck coatings


• Stop deterioration from chlorides, freeze-thaw and moisture infiltration
• Provides new, aesthetically pleasing and durable wear surface
• System includes cementitious and polymer-modified materials for structural, surface and high traffic conditions with minimal downtime
Product Code Packaging
146179 10 gallon unit
146180 110 gallon unit
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.