Top-Cast® SS 100 (Formerly Face-Off™)

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TOP-CAST SS 100 is an innovative surface protectant designed to keep splatter, color, cementitious toppings, cures and retarder overspray from adhering to the surfaces surrounding a concrete placing and finishing operation. It replaces the need for costly plastic barriers, which otherwise need to be taped in place while being compatible with many surfaces including but certainly not limited to masonry, stone and concrete.

  • Protects surfaces from overspray or splatters
  • Easier to use than plastic coverings
  • Easy to remove
  • Water clean-up
When applied to the face of brick or tile prior to being placed in the form, Top-Cast SS 100 will eliminate the adherence of grout or concrete, which may leak through the joints during placement and vibration. Top-Cast SS 100 is water-soluble and should be applied the same day of placement for best results. It is easily removed when the general washing of the concrete surface begins normally the next day. If the removal processes on the following day does not include power washing or scouring with a buffing pad and applying pressure water, the protected area must be washed clean in 24–36 hours to prevent the splatter from adhering.
Product Code Packaging
100365 1 gallon jug
309054 5 gallon pail
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.


Chemicals | Liquids | Surface Retarders