V61 and V62 - Victory Bear Recessed Window System

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Recessed Window System utilizes 0.75" PVC and Recessed Window Chamfer with standard 0.75" Rustication products

The V61 and V62 Victory Bear Recessed Window System are made to order products only. Please call for lead timing, pricing, and availability. 
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Easy to install—Three standard parts fit together easily to create sharp architectural details.
  • Less edge seepage—Reduce the cost of clean-up. The unique Flexible Edge Seal fits tightly, preventing concrete seepage. Minimal patching, sacking and grinding on finished surface is required.
  • Better looking—Eye-catching details are sharp and consistent. The use of PVC eliminates pock marks and imperfections caused by wood and eliminates discoloration of concrete due to wood sugars.
  • No form coat—You save the cost and mess of form coat since PVC does not need a bond breaker.
  • Cleans up easily—Victory Bear systems are made with PVC, an ideal material that reduces clean-up.
  • Reusable—PVC is reusable and strong. It won’t deteriorate with routine use like other materials.
  • Won’t change shape—PVC is reusable, making your investment pay off many times.
Product combination creates recess design around windows and doors to provide a classic design detail for the owner and architect.