D410 Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve


"By using the Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve, we could make two panels instead of one and use a more manueverable and smaller crane, while still complying with the tough OSHA safety guidelines. This substitution allowed us to save over $100K in crane rental costs, lost work time, and decreased efficiencies associated with a larger crane." - Florida Tilt
The Dayton Superior D410 Sleeve-Lock® Double Ended Grout Sleeve is a one-piece mechanical coupler designed to butt-splice reinforcing steel in concrete structures. The Double Ended Grout Sleeve is available in seven (7) sizes to accommodate deformed bar sizes #4 through #18. Bars of like size or of different sizes can be effectively spliced by the System. Made in the USA.
Full ultimate strength coupler
Coupler is stronger than bar and meets or exceeds all known building codes
Fill product offering #4-#18
Easy to single source
Internal alignment fins
Centralizes and stabilizes rebar during assembly and reduces misalignment errors
  • Rebar Stop – An integrated post that acts as a precise stop when inserting rebar
  • Alignment Fins – Positioning fins that keep inserted rebar centered
  • Standard Port Sizes – Ports designed to accept standard 0.75" SCH40 PVC; ports use the same size PVC
  • Stacking Feet – Feet used to stabilize the product during shipping and on the shelf while assisting in wire-tying and acting as a platform for a rebar chair.
  • Made In USA – The sleeve is 100% made in the USA.
Product Code Packaging
129451 #4 - 13MM TO #5 - 16MM
129453 #8 - 25MM TO #9 - 29MM
143405 #18 - 57MM
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.

Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve System

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